Central Services


The group "Facility Management, Insurance, Motor Pool" coordinates the ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of Laimburg Research Center's buildings and infrastructures. The group also mangaes company vehicles. This includes maintenance, reparations, management of fuel card, insurance policies and taxes as well as checking all related documents.


Contact person


Germar Sanin

Tel.:  +39 0471 969703 - 851
Email: Germar.Sanin@laimburg.it


Staff members


Stefano Ferrari

Tel.:  +39 0471 969525
Email: stefano.ferrari@laimburg.it




The working group for Human Resources is responsible for the admission of personnel and the organisation of advanced trainings.


Staff members

Carmen Quartana

Tel.: +39 0471 969655
Email: Carmen.Quartana@laimburg.it

Helga Prighel
Tel.: +39 0471-969658
Email: Helga.Prighel@laimburg.it

Laura Mariz
Tel.: +39 0471969655/658
Email: Laura.Mariz@laimburg.it




The group "Central Service" ensures supervision and support in technical and IT issues.



Stephan Mayr
Tel.: +39 0471 969650
Fax: +39 0471 969599
E-Mail: Stephan.Mayr@laimburg.it


Christoph Thaler
Tel.: +39 0471 969650
E-Mail: Christoph.Thaler@laimburg.it